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Our Mission 

We believe that Cultural heritage is an undoubted building block of sustainable development. Cameroon is a country as many other African country who have  a traditional  space who ..... Read More


What We Do 

We travel to Cameroon and perform a complete inventory of the need and wants of the population living in villages. Then we focus on the point who ..... Read More 

Dentist Clinic 

We work with the local population to identify the needs of the village and establish the basic dentition need. Using our .......Read More 


 Frames                    Masks Fang                 Masks Kwele           Tablecloths

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Masks Ibibio                                    Masks Songye                        Passport Masks/site/data/ws/page/Ibibio1.jpg                      /site/data/ws/page/Songye.JPG                   /site/data/ws/page/Passport masks.JPG